Greenland is a land full of contrasts: from harsh landscapes of ice and rock, to lush green valleys and hills; from cold, dark winters, to the endless summer days of the midnight sun. Animal life is rich, varied and spectacular, and the polar bear still reigns supreme. This is the place to see ice stretching endlessly into the distance, or carved into the most fantastic shapes in an incredible range of colors. This is the setting of PlanetVisible’s upcoming project.

In July 2022, our team will start its adventure on the northwest coast from the village of Upernavik. We will travel by Stand Up Paddle (SUP) boards combined with hiking and cover a total distance of 450 km northward to reach the village of Kullorsuaq at latitude 74.5° in 22 days. Our team will be fully self-supported, bringing all the equipment, food and paddle boards to give us the freedom to discover this pure, untouched nature where inland ice meets the sea.

One of the main goals of this expedition is to explore the mostly unknown supraglacial lakes on Greenland’s ice sheet. By mid-summer each year, vibrant blue meltwater lakes appear on the surface. These lakes can reach kilometres in diameter and several metres in depth. Their formation is driven by temperature, topography and elevation. Supraglacial lakes store large amounts of fresh water, while they can drain in hours they might also last for months. If conditions allow, we will pack our SUP boards and safety equipment and hike on the ice sheet 12 km inland to reach these hidden secrets of nature, experiencing a once in a lifetime paddle session that will give us some amazing photographic opportunities.

PlanetVisible is a small, like-minded and flexible photography collective positioned to collaborate in the creative process of shaping visual stories. We are passionate about caring for people, the environment and for creating a positive impact on our planet. Together we seek to EXPLORE, DOCUMENT and SHARE photography projects from around the world, with the world. Individually Jean-Luc Grossmann and Justin Hession work as professional photographers based out of Zurich, Switzerland. Karen Hensel, an adventure staff journalist from Sweden and Sylvain Grossmann, an off-the-beaten-path enthusiast with extensive adventure travel experience, will complete the team.



Jean-Luc Grossmann

Jean-Luc confesses that the spirit of travel and adventure is strong within his soul. Born in Paris he has lived for the past 33 years in Switzerland where he works as a professional photographer. He loves to discover foreign cultures around the globe and feels as much at home in the desert as he does on pack ice. His various trips have led him to countries as diverse as Greenland, Madagascar, Cape Verde, Namibia and Vietnam. Jean-Luc continues to explore all facets of travel and outdoor photography, encouraging others to discover the world around them and to be curious about the new and the unknown.

Justin Hession

Having traveled the world for 5 years as a backpacker in the 1990’s, Justin recognized his passion for adventure. After working on charter boats in the Caribbean his travels guided him from the depths of the Amazon to the foot of Mt Everest. He has kayaked the northern Alaskan rivers and rode motorbikes across Mongolia in his constant quest for outdoor experiences. With over 15 years as a professional photographer he has combined his profession with his love for adventure to push his storytelling in exciting new directions.

Karen Hensel

As the editor of NORR magazine, Karen focuses on sustainable, careful, and thoughtful traveling-getting to know nature and culture in depth rather than superficially visiting “fun spots.” NORR aims to give readers a chance to learn something from its stories of outstanding, life-changing adventures of individual travel to magical places. In her role as editor, she travels all over Scandinavia to write her own stories, and plans the structure and content of the magazine as editor out of the Stockholm office. Before joining NORR In 2013, Karen worked in several publishing houses in Germany both for print magazines and daily newspapers, covering travel, fitness, and cultural business.

Sylvain Grossmann

Sylvain has an incredible enthusiasm for exploration to off-the-beaten-path locations that have unique natural beauty. He is an experienced sea kayaker and snowkiter, and shared several other expeditions and adventures with his brother Jean-Luc. Sylvain claims to say that a kayak is the most versatile watercraft in the world and is the best way to discover remote areas. His favorite destinations are Greenland, Iceland, Scotland & Australia.


Without any doubt our lives have been influenced and changed by the passion for adventure and exploration. We love Mother Nature as it treats everyone the same. It does not seek anything from you or judge you. It is completely present at all time and is the ultimate teacher of life.

These images are a selection of past adventures we have undertaken over the years.


We are connected to a wide network of editors and are convinced that this story has huge worldwide magazine potential.

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We firmly believe that working with collaborators and supporters enhances our ability to EXPLORE, DOCUMENT and SHARE what we have experienced and learned. We respect and appreciate different cultures and environments and enjoy the creative challenge of getting the right images. If you share our passion for combining photography and storytelling and would like to support our current project, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

Why PlanetVisible:

  • Passionate visual storytellers using professional photography equipment including a drone for aerial views. Together, we bring more than 50 years of international photography experience

  • Unlimited usage rights of all photography and video content across all your channels. We deliver a wide range of photography content such as mountain landscape, seascape, adventure, outdoor, hiking, paddling and camp shots as well as behind the scene and daily life photos

  • Usage rights of the full story in English, German, French and Spanish to be used in all your channels and social media platforms after publication of the story in magazines

  • PlanetVisible uses its established network of editors and actively push the story in magazines worldwide. PlanetVisible has a proven record of publications and stories

  • PlanetVisible promotes its content and stories through its own website and social media channels. We work hard to promote your organization on a long term basis and deliver authentic and professional content

  • We are travel and outdoor enthusiast with strong traveling know-how. Through our past adventures and expeditions in Greenland and all over the world we have gained extensive experience working as travel and outdoor visual storytellers under challenging conditions


Being well prepared and having a good infrastructure are the keys for a successful expedition. We want to acknowledge all those that help make our adventures a reality.


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