Children playing and running down the dunes after a tire

The children of Cape Verde are an epitome of ‘zest for life’. At Salamansa Bay on the island of Sao Vicente, a large sand dune and a few old tires are enough to delight a whole horde of children. “Um, dois, três”, shouts the elder, and soon everyone is whizzing down the slope at a blinding pace. Tirelessly, they climb the dune again and again with the tire over their shoulders. And every time they have the same happy smile on their faces.
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▸ This photograph was under the 2018 winners of the Life Framer Photography Award in the category ‘AN INSTANT‘. The theme was judged by Clément Saccomani, Managing Director of the highly-revered photographer-owned agency NOOR.
▸ Further it has an award nomination in the category Travel of the 2018 Fine Art Photography Awards which received 11’000 submissions from 89 countries. Winners and nominees were selected by highly acclaimed panel of international judges.