We are interested in bringing attention to issues that individual, companies and we, at PlanetVisible care about. By collaborating on and documenting projects, we work closely with companies to craft powerful imaginary around corporate social responsibility.
We understand customers and employees prefer to be associated with firms that give back to society.
PlanetVisible wants to help get your message out there.

Our values

At PlanetVisible, we value visual storytelling that brings attention to subjects that matter. We are passionate about caring for people, the environment and for creating a positive impact on our planet.
As storytellers, we take our responsibilities very seriously. It is our commitment to document the truth, be open to new ideas, to explore different views and to share our experiences with the wider public.

Our impact

We are a small, like-minded and flexible photography collective positioned to work closely with companies and to collaborate in the creative process of shaping messages.
We create social media content, promotional material, articles for magazines and newspapers, as well as fine art prints.
Professional photography spreads brand credibility, corporate integrity and customer loyalty. We are ready to use our experience and passion to help bring recognition to your story.

Who we are

Having started our lives in different cultures, our shared exchange and passion for storytelling and visual imagery bonded us as friends. Our friendship grew into a purposeful partnership through which we seek to Explore, Document and Share photography from around the world, with the world.
Individually, we work as professional photographers out of Zurich, Switzerland. Collaborating on projects heightens our motivation and creativity – enabling us to cover in-depth stories in short periods of time. It’s this “togetherness” that enriches our photography.


We are interested to discuss how we can support you with telling your story in a purposeful, powerful and authentic way.
We work within company sponsorship goals to demonstrate the power of visual images when applied in a collaborative, meaningful, collective approach. We believe in the change it can make.

Why PlanetVisible

  • We have low overheads; your sponsorship goes directly into the project

  • Utilizing three photographers extends your reach in a very short period of time

  • We share the same storytelling passion, yet vary in our photographic styles by combining portraits, reportage, editorial and fine art, to effectively enrich each project

  • Together, we bring more than 50 years of international photography experience

  • We care just as much as you do

Get in touch


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