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On day 6 the wind suddenly comes to life and challenges us. Headwind is the biggest adversary of a stand up paddler. From one paddle stroke to the next, everything is questioned. The effort of each stroke is now not just a means to an end but an immediate goal. To keep on moving forward, we must put everything into our paddle, one stroke after the other. The waves make us rise and fall like a cork. Despite the bad conditions, the SUP’s fully packed are handling the ocean swell with conviction and our bodies feel at one with the board.

Paddling Under The Light Of the Midnight Sun

It’s been months in the planning, lots of training in freezing rainy weather, a weekend expedition to the mountains, much equipment testing, but now we are ready.

How ready? Well, back in January this year PlanetVisible was looking for a new kind of adventure. It needed to be a beautiful place with a particular feel and physically challenging with a touch of danger.

Cape Verde – The Land of Morabeza

„Sodade“ – die Sehnsucht – hat auch Jean-Luc Grossmann gepackt. Dreimal war er schon auf dem Archipel. Ihn fasziniert die Ursprünglichkeit und Reinheit der Landschaft und die Herzlichkeit der Menschen. Er sagt, er müsse in eine Kultur eintauchen, sich vergessen, bevor er zu fotografieren beginnt. Er schaut genau hin, geht nahe heran, nicht nur mit der Kamera, und fühlt sich in die Menschen hinein.

Greenland Sea Kayak Expedition

Early in our six-week, 360-mile expedition into the fjords and ice fields of Greenland’s northwest coast, Thomas Truninger, Rafic Mecattaf, my brother Sylvain and I paddled into the Uvkusigssat Fjord. We didn’t know then whether our planned 25-mile land crossing at the far end was even possible, nor could we be certain the 60 mile-long fjord was ice-free. The Inuit would often answer our questions with the word ‘imaqa’, meaning maybe.