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We grew up in different parts of the world but it’s our shared passion in storytelling and visual imagery that has bonded us as friends. Our friendship has grown into a collaboration where together they seek to Explore, Document and Share photography stories from around the world, with the world.
We have decided to put money aside from shared assignments and pool this into a cooperative where 100% of the money is allocated towards joint projects.
Individually we work as professional photographers out of Zurich, Switzerland but collaborating on projects is heightening our motivation and creativity enabling us to cover in-depth stories in short periods of time. It’s this “togetherness” which is enriching our photography.

Mission Statement


  • Be open to new ideas and differing views
  • Be curious about our surroundings
  • Be respectful of our different environments and take nothing for granted
  • Walk through the world with eyes wide open
  • Value Photography and Storytelling as a powerful medium to better understand and contribute to the world we live in
  • Focus on stories that should be told
  • Record what we experience as a small part of history
  • Have no prior expectations and share only our experiences
  • Give access freely to what we have learned and experienced

Behind the Scenes


Jean-Luc Grossmann

Jean-Luc confesses that the spirit of adventure is strong within his soul. Born in Paris he has lived for the past 33 years in Switzerland where he works as a professional corporate photographer. He loves to discover foreign cultures around the globe and feels just at home in the desert as on the pack ice. His various trips have led him to countries as diverse as Greenland, Madagascar, Cabo Verde, Namibia and Vietnam, and of course many times to French speaking regions where he likes to trace his roots.

Justin Hession

Having travelled the world as a backpacker in the 1990’s, Justin recognized his passion for the visual image. He spent the next three years studying photography before gaining employment with News Corp thus entering the world of newspaper photography. It was a great classroom and one that created a multi skilled base for future work.
 For the last ten years, Justin has resided in Zurich, Switzerland working as a freelance photographer for some of the biggest companies in Europe. His love for the visual image has never diminished and he works passionately on new and intriguing projects that constantly push his photography in different directions.

Pascal Richard

Pascal Richard grew up surrounded by paintings by various artists like Chagall, Miro and Dali. As his parents owned an art gallery in Zurich, he understood from an early age the power of expressing things through images. At the art school in Vevey, Switzerland he realized that photography is an incredibly strong medium to discover, document and share what he likes most – humans and their various ways of living, creating and working. He believes that there is always a story to be told and follows his passion to uncover new and inspiring projects around the globe.



We firmly believe that working with collaborators and supporters enhances our ability to explore, document and share stories from around the world, with the world. We respect and appreciate different cultures and environments and enjoy the creative challenge of getting the right image. Journalistic freedom and integrity are amongst our core values. If you share our passion for combining photography and storytelling, have an interesting story that needs to be told or would like to sponsor our current project, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

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